iTDR Token - Trading Services

iTrader Today Token is a Project that will offer Trading Service to Community where will have access only through of our iTDR_Token as Payment Method.

🛡️ Safe Community Drive
🔐 Liquidity Locked 1 year
✅ Max Trade 100k Tokens

🔰 Total Supply: 21,000,000 iTDR
🎁 1% Reward Holder
🏦 5% Marketing Wallet
♻️ 5% Back to Liquidity
✍️ 11% Slippage on Trade 

iTDR Token - Trading Services


Our Services

Our Token will have a Real Use Case to Pay
Learning Center
You will learn to trade

Our TRADING TEAM will teach you how to trade the market, whether it is bearish or bullish.

Expert Advisor MT4
We are developing software to trade automatically

Our Expert Advisor will be ready to work in any Broker you prefer, it will come with optimized settings to make entries.

Signals Trading Forex
Receive Optimal Trading Signals

Our trading expert sends you optimal signals for you to trade safely in the Crypto markets.

Account Management
We will work for you like a partnership

Our Trading Services also offer you Forex Account Management, where we will work for you to give you the best results without you being dependent on market behavior.

Community Drive Protocol

Buy our Token, hold them in your wallet and see how it grows infinitely every day with our [POH] (Proof of Hold) System that will to distribute 1% of every trade to our HOLDERS Community.

 Safe for Community

Liquidity Locked for 1 YEAR to prevent someone from withdrawing the liquidity and thus spoiling the project.

 Safe for Performance

We have access to the smart contract only to perform BURNS in Future, so no one will be able to create new coins, in this way we ensure that the price has an organic growth directed by the community.

 You are welcome

All users interact directly in the community. 


Proof of Hold

We have the most efficient REWARD PROTOCOL of 1% of each transaction that is sent to HOLDERS.

 Liquidity Generator

Our system has well implemented the system of auto generating liquidity with 10% of each transaction.


Our system guarantees that there will be no losses due to the protection with the whales and thus we avoid losing liquidity.

 Community Drive

We really have Liquidity Locked for 12 MONTHS to prevent someone from withdrawing the liquidity and thus spoiling the project.

 How To Buy iTDR Token

follow the instructions below to be able to successfully buy iTDR Token


 Where Buy..?

Download the app, TrustWallet in your Smart Phone
Add Extension Binance Chain Wallet in your PC

with what should I buy the token..?

You need to have BNB in ​​order to buy the token.
Go to Binance and buy BNB, send to TrustWallet or Binance Chain Wallet via the Smart Chain Network (BEP20 - BSC)

 How to Buy Token..?

Go to the DApps tab at the bottom in your TrustWallet, and find PancakeSwap. IPhone users may need to enable the trust browser, then use the browser tab. You can also click here BUY NOW if you’re not on mobile.

 How to find the right Token..?

Click “Select a currency” and enter this contract address into the search field, and you should be able to find iTrader Today Token 0x0c00a4eaf7d4c941640c0507f460cec72736c378

 I need set Slippage to Buy..?

Before Swapping, click on the cog wheel and set the slippage to between 11% to avoid error on Swapping.

 How many Tokens should Buy..?

Now, set the amount you want to purchase [[ Maximum amount to Buy / Sell is 100k ]] and press the swap button.

 Confirm transaction.

As a final step you must confirm the transaction in the window that TrustWallet (SmartPhone) or Smart Chain (Desktop) will show you and your purchase will be made successfully.

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